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  • We Provide Total
    Comprehensive Eye Care
    Refractive Surgery, Eye Exams.
  • We Provide Total
    Comprehensive Eye Care
    Refractive Surgery, Eye Exams.
  • We Provide Total
    Comprehensive Eye Care
    Refractive Surgery, Eye Exams.
  • We Provide Total
    Comprehensive Eye Care
    Refractive Surgery, Eye Exams.

Welcome to The Eye Institute

At The Eye Institute, we are committed to protecting our patient’s eye health throughout their lives. From medical eye examinations and treatment of eye infections, to management of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy, we offer an extensive range of treatment options for all ages. Our team of staff is dedicated to keeping their patients comfortable and well-informed at all times.

The Eye Institute is a well-recognized facility for the treatment of complex eye problems. Our doctor uses leading-edge technology for providing the best possible eye care and outcome.

The Eye Institute was formed in 2003, and is led by Dr. Sandoval, who specializes in diagnosing and management of complex eye diseases. Our institute is the preeminent provider of comprehensive eye care for the Eastside of Seattle. Our state-of-the-art facility offers the best technology available for all your eye care needs.

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The Eye Institute is a full-service eye clinic for the treatment of complex eye problems. Dr. Sandoval uses leading-edge technology for providing best possible eye care and outcomes. Dr. Sandoval is Board Certified with several years of experience in eye care. We are offering local eye care treatment in Issaquah to save you from the hassles of travelling to Bellevue or Seattle


We provide comprehensive eye care treatment including surgeries in our office located in Issaquah Wa. Our surgeries are performed in the same building as our office at the East Side Surgical center for your convenience and comfort.

Cataract Surgery

A no-stitch cataract surgery performed locally in Issaquah in less than 30 minutes. Read More


Medical procedures for Glaucoma aimed at reducing the intraocular pressure to prevent nerve damage Read More

Macular Degeneration

Cutting edge retinal scan technology to treat macular degeneration with maximum precision and safety Read More

Diabetes and Hypertension Examinations

A comprehensive retinal microscopic exam for diabetes and hypertension. Read More

Dry Eye Disease

Aggressive treatments available for dry eye disease for maintaining the health of front surface of the eye. Read More

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Same day appointment for any serious eye accident care service in Issaquah. We prefer to help you as soon as possible for any unforeseen circumstances. Read More

Barry Sandoval, M.D.

Ophthalmology Board Certified

Our Doctor

Barry Sandoval, M.D.

Dr. Sandoval established The Eye Institute in 2003, to deliver state-of-the-art eye care and related services at a level beyond their patient's expectations. He was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest with a mission is to improve the quality of life in his community by providing exceptional healthcare with respect and compassion. He offers comprehensive eye care and uses advanced technology to provide eye surgery to treat cataracts and glaucoma. He is a Board Certified doctor providing medical and surgical care here in East side of Seattle. Dr. Sandoval provides the full range of medical and surgical treatments for ocular (eye) disorders. He is expert in the diagnosis and management of eye disease, and treat eye problems ranging from very simple to very complex.

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The Eye Institute is a place where only the best advanced equipment
are used to ensure complete satisfaction for our patients.